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I’m currently working on a new version of this introduction page. But suffice it to say that The Windy Nickel is the sort of thing that pops out when a forward-thinker has been suppressed for way too long by the working class circumstances he was raised in.

Originally named after the (then) two cities I called home after starting it – Buffalo (The Nickel City) and Chicago (The Windy City) – I originally intended The Windy Nickel to be a strict personal blog my friends could use to keep tabs on me. But since I started it back in 2011, it evolved. The personal bits still get written, but it’s also part cultural commentary, part geek and nerd appreciation, and part political commentary. It’s also part advertisement for my abilities as a writer, which I’m trying to show to the outside world.

It is ALL unique. Certain things most people know but refuse to acknowledge – even in the blackest pits of their souls – get written here.

I’m an observer. I like to interpret things in new ways and look for the most unique angle. I also like to question the very mechanics of everything: Why do we enjoy certain things the way we do? What makes society tick? What makes us get so worked up over traditions?



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