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The Sega Bracket Face-Off

The Sega Bracket Face-Off

Round One

Ecco the Dolphin vs. Terry Bogard
A strictly land character vs. a strictly water character. Since Ecco is basically your average dolphin, he’ll be relying on his average instincts, which will undoubtedly be telling him “don’t leave the water.” Terry Bogard can’t do very much to Ecco by staying on land, either, and if he’s smart, he’ll try to find a way to trick Ecco into jumping onto the land. Ecco won’t bite. And since Terry is known to be a little bit hotheaded with a revenge streak aimed at Geese Howard, it’s entirely possible he’s going to get pissed and eventually jump into the water and try to engage Ecco mano-a-dolphino. Unfortunately for Terry, his moves are much slower underwater, and they aren’t anchored down by gravity there, and Ecco has no trouble getting around. Suffice it to say that Terry’s go at underwater combat doesn’t end well.
Winner: Ecco

Akira Yuki vs. Earthworm Jim
If Jim has any inclination to make this match exciting for any spectators, he engages his head whip while Akira attacks with kung fu. Jim, however, probably doesn’t have that inclination. Remember that scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark where the bad guy comes out of the crowd, does a bunch of nifty tricks with his sword, and learns the hard way that he brought the wrong weapon to the fight? This match goes like that.
Winner: Jim

Vectorman vs. Liu Kang
God, fighting game characters just can’t catch a break in this tournament, can they? Save for a short volley of fireballs Liu Kang is able to get off in Vectorman’s direction, this is going to go just about the same as the Akira/Jim match.
Winner: Vectorman

Blaze Fielding vs. Chris Redfield
Yes, ANOTHER close-range fisticuffs fighter against a well-armed sentient arsenal. And you probably wondered why I said Sega’s bracket is weak. Blaze gets a bit of deference because she can actually pick up street weapons and throw them from long range when she’s done with them, and against a decorated marksman like Chris, she’d be an idiot to not do that. So let’s assume she throws all manner of bats, lead pipes, knives, and swords at Chris, thus distracting him to get in close enough for hand-to-hand combat, and to use her VERY short-range fireball. The fireball isn’t a one-hit kill weapon, and most of the time, it’s not a setup for a deathblow, either; it’s best used to keep bad guys from grabbing her. Chris isn’t the type of wimp that floods the stages of the Streets of Rage games. At the very least, he’s a boss on one of the more difficult levels, and can dispatch Blaze as easily with his fists as he can with any gun.
Winner: Chris

Round Two

Sonic the Hedgehog vs. Chris Redfield
Sonic’s speed can make this interesting, and so can the power rings which make him invincible as long as he’s holding at least one. But one gets the sense that, after those, Sonic really doesn’t have much going for him. He can be knocked out of his attacks, after all, if the opponents have the right timing, and Chris probably isn’t dumb enough to attempt to chase Sonic around the battle arena. Sonic’s moves from Sonic the Fighters and Super Smash Bros. will see to it that he puts up SOME resistance after reaching that inevitable moment when he realizes Chris isn’t going to take his chase bait and tries to fight one-on-one, but Chris is way too tough a character to be put down by a bundle of spikes with feet. And so we have out first major upset of the entire tournament.
Winner: Chris

Joe Musashi vs. Vectorman
If The Nintendo Bracket results teach us anything, it’s that one should never underestimate the results of multidirectional firing. Joe Musashi doesn’t have it. Vectorman does. Musashi CAN throw his shurikens out in a fan while in a flip, though, but he has a limited number of shurikens. Musashi can also cast ninja magic, but that’s one-time-use only unless he happens to find a second help in a crate somewhere. Those crates are very rare, though. Musashi has a second ace in the hole with a ninja magic spell that can turn his body into a living bomb, which resets his health, ninja magic, and shuriken numbers back to default…. Because using that technique also COSTS HIM A LIFE. In the meantime, Vectorman can hang back and fire away provided he can weather Musashi’s flame pillar spell and outlast his invincibility spell. (He can.) 
Winner: Vectorman

Ecco the Dolphin vs. Earthworm Jim
Jim is able to move around underwater using fishbowl-shaped bubbles, but he’s not able to attack while he’s inside them. Unfortunately for Ecco, he can also fly his pocket rocket above the water, where he’s equipped with a machine gun which works just fine for air-to-sea combat. If that’s not able to do Ecco in, Jim can also use his pocket rocket to push along a bomb, the activation of which certainly will.
Winner: Jim

Round Three

Chris Redfield vs. Earthworm Jim
Since none of the last round champions got the first round off, I’m giving the break to the highest-seeded winner. This is another difficult fight – both fighters, after all, are equipped to handle both ranged and melee combat. Ranged combat, however, might appear even on the outside, but Chris’s strength and firing stance allow him to minimize weapon recoil. That’s important, because Jim is known to sometimes get flattened by his. And Jim’s most powerful weapon – the Barn Blaster – not only packs that killer recoil, it also takes forever to actually get it working. Jim can jump, though, and while that would certainly seem to provide him with the knockout advantage, he can’t actually use his weapons – save his head whip – in midair. So Basically he’s going to jump, land close to Chris, and – since blades have a one-hit-kill effect on Jim in a few situations – leave himself vulnerable to Chris’s knife.
Winner: Chris

Sega Bracket Championship

Vectorman vs. Chris Redfield
Chris has guns. Vectorman has guns. Chis is good in melee combat. Vectorman knows the importance of multidirectional shooting. Vectorman can jump. Chris moves like a tank. Even if Vectorman makes the mistake of trying to engage Chris is melee combat, he still has the option of either going at it in a transformed state – possibly as a bomb – or, worst case scenario, he’ll have to jump out of the way, frying Chris’s hair as he activates his foot boosters for a double jump. Even if Chris is targeting, he still has the pain-in-the-ass proposition of trying to stay at the speed of the always-moving Vectorman.
Sega Bracket Champion: Vectorman


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