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SUNY has some highly regarded psychiatry programs, and it’s easy to see why: The SUNY application process has the ability to drive applicants out of their minds. I don’t remember my application process for ECC going like this, which is ironic because ECC is a SUNY school. SUNY seems to enjoy building up suspense like a Hitchcock movie: An unnecessarily long buildup, followed by absolutely no payoff. When you begin to get comfortable with the pattern of being played like a fiddle, the curve comes and throws me right off.

I didn’t realize SUNY would be privy to send me so many mail notices for non-issues which could have been covered in the final letter. Everything I’ve received from them so far has been little more than a variation on saying, “Yep, we have your application!” I have no idea if the people at SUNY are busy making paper airplanes out of my applications or whatever else they’re doing, but every notice I’ve received has been a knife to my gut. I get the letter, sweat profusely, open the letter, and do a facepalm because whatever it says doesn’t mean a whole lot to me other than the fact that there’s going to be another issue for my counselor and me to navigate through. My latest notice from UB says my application process might be different because of the fact that I’m applying for the fall semester instead of the spring semester. To the layman, it’s nothing but more shameless bureaucracy.

This isn’t troublesome just because of the unbearable tension. I’m an older student and a returning student, which will leave me with a ton of work to do before the semester if I get accepted. The things I expect to have to do to prepare for the semester go beyond purchasing a few expensive textbooks. They’re not the kinds of things I can reasonably expect to start and finish within a week of the fall semester kickoff after getting a last-minute acceptance notice.

So far, the University at Buffalo has asked me for my college transcripts – which I’ve already sent – and my high school transcripts, which their admissions office plump admitted won’t contribute to whether or not I get accepted. Buffalo State recently got on my case about gaps in my academic career. What’s doubly insulting is that the main office of SUNY is run out of Albany, which is six hours from Buffalo. That means there’s an office somewhere playing the middleman, which intercepts information and interrupts a large chunk of the communication with forms and notices. I’m not exactly thrilled about dealing with the state government office because my academic future might end up becoming a big game of phone if we keep exchanging papers for too long.

I can only imagine the kinds of things D’Youville has in store for me right now. I sent them my application, complete with the essay that was my post a few days ago, except without the disclaimer assuring everyone that I wrote both the online essay and the one I sent with the application. I’m perfectly willing to write another one if I have to, and for now I’m erasing my last post until I hear from D’Youville. In retrospect, posting it before sending it probably wasn’t my brightest hour. That essay, which was about the effect popular culture had on my life, will be posted again once the discriminating eyes of D’Youville admissions are through looking it over.


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