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The Move

Been awhile since I’ve written, but hey, the family moved.

The move was basically down to another apartment in our quad, but it was nonetheless stressful. It demanded all the physical strength I have, because through most of it we were all walking back and forth between the old and new place, taking a few boxes each time with us. We moved the small things first in boxes, and we used a small cart. You don’t really know how many of those little things you own until you have to repetitively walk back and forth taking them with you.

Not only that, but the new place, despite having more rooms, is noticeably smaller, so we don’t have quite as much room for storage as we’d like. Moving all the stuff we have in the garage was a real treat, and I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible. We had to improvise storage placement in the garage, which is a lot smaller than the old one so you can imagine what a joy that is. There is at least one very large chair which we’re going to have to ditch completely.

Despite these flaws, however, the new place trumps the old place for one simple reason: The last place didn’t have any separate rooms where family members could go to escape each other. The new place has enough rooms for all four members of the primary family, so I can write or watch my movies or play my video games in peace.

The day of the move was pretty rough and stressful, and more than once I found myself taking a swig of whiskey to cool off. The day climaxed with the family completely draining the fish tank and dragging it down the stairs, in an act my mother promised would never have to be repeated again. Between, we had more large items than it looked like; the movers, who drove up in a small trailer, had to make two trips. Even then, we still hadn’t hauled everything, and the fish tank episode commenced. We somehow managed to wrestle the fish tank over on the cart, and the whole experience was extremely nerve-wracking because I fear we were going to break it the whole time.

We had no time or room to get any food, so we ate our lunch and dinner both in restaurants. I didn’t worry about my health that day, though, because the lifting and moving kept any potential weight gain to a minimum.

The move was hardest of all on our cats, Cadenza and Chaucer. They both had to be locked inside bathrooms. Cadenza, our 17-year-old cat whom the family adopted when she was just an eight-month-old excitable kitten, knew the family well enough to be aware that we weren’t going to try to hurt her or leave her. But she was still thrown into a state of shocked confusion when she was finally let out of the bathroom and walked into a brave new world with the furniture all missing. Chaucer, who is a lot younger and doesn’t know the family nearly as well, simply hid behind the shower curtain. He would slink backward with an absolutely terrified look in his eyes whenever someone reached for him. It took a long time for us to coax him out. But now that we’re at the new place, he seems to have adjusted faster than Cadenza.


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